Course  Information

The Bachelor Of Business Administration International Program In Marketing, Kasetsart University is the International 3+1 course. Faculty of Business Administration Kasetsart University Qualified 3rd year students Can choose to study in the fourth year in a course that is comparable with the content of the course. Will be eligible for a bachelor degree. Marketing Both from the Faculty of Business Administration. Kasetsart University and University of Bournemouth or Birbeck College are two degrees, depending on the criteria set by Kasetsart University.



Course Structure: Total Minimum Credit 132 Units for 4 years study

1. General Education Minimum of 32 Unit

– Science & Math Studies

  6 Unit

– Social Science Studies

  6 Unit

– Humanities Studies

  6 Unit

– Language Studies

  15 Unit

– Physical Educations

  2 Unit
2. Specific Requirement Course Minimum of 94 Unit

– Core Course

  39 Unit

– Major Required Course

  31 Unit

– Major Elective Course

  24 Unit
3. Free Elective Course Minimum of 6 Unit


Download Course Structure. And Subjects Outlines: Click here.
Download Lesson Plan. And the course Descriptions: Click here.

Study Duration

Dating from the time of enrollment, the international undergraduate program takes 4 academic years (8 semesters, not including the summer semester, in accordance with Kasetsart University’s academic calendar) to complete. The study days and hours are Monday to Friday from 8.00 – 17.00 hrs.


  • First semester: August – December
  • Second semester: January – May

Tuition Fee

  • Total Per Academic / Year : ฿ 162,500
  • Total Four Academic / Year : ฿ 650,000